How to join

Our members are the reason Forge exists today, and we want to continue to grow with the same focus on quality and reputation we’ve always had. Our peer-driven Membership Committee process takes a balanced approach to ensure the best member experience we can provide.

Getting started

Whether you are an individual single family office professional looking to grow  your network or a newly formed regional office group, the Forge Membership Committee is excited to kick off this process. 

step 1


Let’s cover the basics of your group or yourself so we can move on to the interview.

step 2


We’ll spend some time getting to know each other better. During this stage we might meet a few times to cover all the topics.

step 3


Is this right fit? If not, we can find other ways to collaborate and partner in the future.

Individual Membership

Individual membership is our fastest growing membership body. Our individual members are often referred by an existing member of Forge or a trusted partner and as you engage with Forge, our goal is to continue to build that spirit of collaboration.

Group Membership

Family office groups come in all shapes and sizes. Forge family office groups share some unique traits that reflect our community values:

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The group is non-profit

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Members of the group are single family offices

network icon

Members share a like interest in a peer network

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The group and their activities are non-commercial in nature

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The group is formally organized

Other ways to work with Forge

Forge is always interested to learn about ways we can collaborate with valued partners in the single family office industry, from technology to content to events. Learn about different opportunities for partnership.

Have a question about The Forge Community?

We're here to help, so send us an email with your question and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.