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What Forge offers

What Forge offers

Learn about our one-of-a-kind educational events, our industry leading benchmarking work, and our flexible platform solutions.

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The Forge DNA

The core of what we are working to create and cultivate every day is peer-to-peer connection for single family offices. Forge brings together self-organized single family office groups across the country in addition to individual member single family office professionals.

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We Stand For

Collaboration Over Competition

Our goal isn’t to try and replicate what is already serving the single family office community well and meeting their needs. We want to collaborate across the industry to bring the best in class to the community. We work with more than 30 different partners to curate the top ideas, events, and content in the industry.

We Stand For

Peers Over Profit

We put community members in the driver’s seat. Your single family office peers govern the decisions we make and inform our next steps. Forge does not exist for our personal gain. Forge exists to serve and provide value for our community. Meet our Executive Committee to learn more.

We Stand For

Innovation Over Information

We're all inundated with information every day and Forge doesn’t want to become a part of the white noise in your inbox. Our goal is to bring your innovative ideas and forums for exchange, not information you already know. Get a taste of innovation in our latest industry benchmarking report on the Cost of running a family office.

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